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HYDROTHERAPY and its effects

Water is one of naturemost potent remedies. Used with variations in temperature and pressure, or associated with chemicals such as herbs or clays, it can produce local reactions that have a repercussion throughout the body, restoring health and increasing resistance to disease. However, it is important to note that water itself has no curative power; what helps in the curative process of the organism is the reaction produced through the stimuli originated by the water.

Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural uses water in immersion baths, thermal contrasts, showers, exfoliations and frictions, combined with massage techniques with pressure of water jets, associated with the medicinal properties of plants and geotherapy. Check out water, main benefits:

  • increases immune capacity and resistance to cold;
  • activates blood circulation;
  • inhibits inflammatory processes;
  • regulates the hormonal system;
  • relaxes the nervous system.


Water aerobics

Water aerobics is widely used nowadays. We use it individually to mobilize the limitations of the joints and to perform movements that could not be done out of the water because of the pressure of the corporal weight.


Finnish sauna

Designed in Finland to increase overall and immune endurance, it is a means of detoxifying and eliminating excess fluid accumulated in the body, accelerates metabolism and is a supplement for weight reduction and body measurements.


Seat Bath

Used to stimulate the digestive organs, liver and kidneys, it also helps in pelvic problems. These applications are used with hot water for abdominal pains, or alternately, with hot and cold water, for chronic inflammation of the digestive organs.


Foot bath

Lack of physical activity impairs good blood circulation in the lower limbs and, as a consequence, blood tends to become congested in the upper trunk. The application of foot bath balances the circulation, relieving the congestive states of the head (headache), of the airways, lungs, deriving the blood to the lower limbs.

Live with Health!

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