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Physiotherapy is a science applied to the study of human movements. It consists of a rehabilitation that helps to strengthen bones and muscles so that people can return to walk or recover movements that they have lost by some accident or illness.

Physiotherapy is also indicated for the elderly, so that they can have a good quality of life and do not lose their body movements. It also helps in the rehabilitation of athlete fractures so that they can strengthen their muscles and return to activities in a short time.

The first sessions will usually be painful, because physical therapy is based on a series of exercises that help in strengthening the bony part of your body. But as the sessions progress, you will feel an improvement and become accustomed to the exercises. The greatest benefit of physical therapy is to help people who have lost their movements and also to delay their loss.

Physical therapy is a priceless science. It uses manual, aquatic techniques and a specific approach in rehabilitation and treatment of affections. To this aim, many equipment and resources are used, such as Manthus , which is indicated in the weight reduction program.

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