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Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural is a health recovery and health promotion center that invites you to experience:

– Mental clarity – Emotional balance
– Prevention of diseases – To live more and better
– Health and wellness

Living with Health

To have health means to have energy, welfare, joy, optimism, disposition and capacity to accomplish, produce and enjoy the good things and moments of life. No pain and no medicine.

Medicine advances, but diseases persist

Infecto-contagious diseases were most common in the past. Today, despite the progress of medicine and technology, chronic and degenerative diseases account for 70% of healthcare services. Why?

Imbalances produce diseases

The main cause of these degenerative diseases , of the circulatory system, of the heart, obesity, diabetes, cancer and many others , is the current lifestyle that disorganizes the proper functioning of the body.

This is like inviting the disease

The fact is that many habits and practices create the conditions for inviting diseases that we wouldn have otherwise. This is like as if we choose to get sick!

Learning to be healthy

The good news is that many of these diseases can be prevented and healed with new lifestyle habits , which include nutrition, hydration, physical exercises, good breathing, rest and restoration cycles , that promote balance and full healthy functioning of the body.

Recover your health , naturally

With more than 30 years of successful experience, Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural is ready to help you to naturally find your health, energy and joy to live better!

Living with health or why are there so many diseases?

More than three decades and thousands of people benefited with a fuller and happier life have made Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural a national and international reference in Lifestyle Medicine.

Live with Health!

Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural is part of the Adventist World Health System , which for over 130 years cares for the health of millions of people in more than 500 units around the world.

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