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If the symptoms of stress, anxiety, tension or excessive tiredness knocked on your door, we have the solution.

This program has been carefully prepared to promote relief from physical, mental and emotional overload. It is a tailor-made program to break the rhythm of stressful routine, and free the mind and body from strains and excessive fatigue.

It includes evaluation of stress levels, individual psychotherapy, relaxation sessions, physiotherapeutic evaluation to identify tension points, hydrotherapy treatments, coordinated physical activity, personalized diet, guided rest and reeducation in healthy habits.

The full NO CRISIS! program is indicated by the medical staff after the first consultation and will be in accordance with the profile of the guest and his/her goals.

Live with Health!

Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural is part of the Adventist World Health System , which for over 130 years cares for the health of millions of people in more than 500 units around the world.

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