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Architecture, Nature, and Treatments perfectly combined for the restoration of your health



Clínica e Espaço Vida Natural has more than 140 thousand square meters of nature. This is the ideal place for those who want to rest and disconnect from the daily routine. Contact with nature is vital, serving as the basis of our entire treatment program.

Everything here is prepared for an encounter with life!

External Area

Two lakes provide a unique view for walking moments and are the natural habitat of local wildlife.

Restaurant with Panoramic View

An environment designed to provide you with moments of great satisfaction and well-being, with a view to nature.


The outdoor pool is used for recreation and sports practice. The indoor pool is used for water aerobics and physiotherapies.


Comfortable accommodations are available as chalet or individual rooms.

Walking Track

Walking is a very good activity, and the clinic has an outdoor walkway with 1,500 meters surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Fitness Space

In addition to outdoor activities you still have a specially equipped environment to improve your level of physical fitness.

Physiotherapy Room

A space properly equipped to meet the need for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Hydrotherapy Sector

Our hydrotherapy area is an environment suited for multiple applications of water as a powerful therapeutic agent.

Nursing Home and Office

Individualized care rooms for professionals of the multidisciplinary team.

Massage Therapy Room

Comfortable individualized environments to receive the excellent physical benefits from the skilled hands of our professionals.

Orchid Garden

It is prepared to offer you a moment of interaction with nature through contact with orchids.

Organic Vegetable Garden, Hygienic

We have fresh food and quality every day! Our organic garden provides the vegetables used in the meals prepared at the clinic.


Recognizing the power of plants, our clinic cultivates and also gives you the opportunity to know some of these nature remedies.

Lecture Room

This is a special space with technological resources for lectures and social gatherings.

Convenience Store

Our store gives you the possibility to purchase quality natural products, literature and items produced by the clinic itself.

Living center

Reading space, tea room, multimedia features, Internet connection (Wi-Fi), fireplace, environment for projection of films and documentaries.